Take time to breathe

To Breathe is automatic – it happens whether we’re thinking about it or not. But do you ever find yourself breathing shallowly? Not taking advantage of your full lung capacity and feeding your brain all of the oxygen you need for maximum function? Deep breathing takes practice, just like everything else. In a world of doing doing doing, it’s important to take time to breathe deeply, to just be.

So often, my days whiz by, the night falls faster and I sit wondering, Where did my day go? What have I accomplished? Did I remember to drink water today? Who is this person that an 11-year-old with pink hair keeps calling “Mom?”

Whiz… whiz… Another day goes by…

BREATHE, my inner voice reminds me. Stop. Meditate before you start your day – what’s 10 minutes? When I resume my meditation practice, 10 minutes feels like an eternity. The reality? It’s just 10 minutes!

Breathe… experience a moment where you are truly present

Breathe… keep your immune system strong

Breathe… when there seems to be no time

Breathe… when the world seems to be closing in

Breathe… without judgement

Breathe… fill your heart with gratitude

When I am whirling about and I don’t take time to breathe, my body puts on the breaks, illness sets in, or injury occurs. This is not how I want to be reminded to take time to breathe.

What I’ve learned… Prevention is key. When I plan and stick to my morning and evening routine, which always begins and ends with a short amount of breath work, the world slows, the air seems clearer and the sunsets are amazing! Simple things that I never see when I allow the world to run my day.

When I take those ten minutes twice a day, it’s so much easier focus. This gift I give to myself allows me to accomplish everything on my to do list, to remember my good habits, like drinking 60 ounces of water every day, to find extra time to watch an episode of Stranger Things with my beautiful, brown-eyed, pink-haired 11-year-old daughter. My days are smoother, my awareness is heightened, and I am present with my family.

By moving your body every day, giving your body the nutrients it needs to think and perform at its best, and inviting breath/meditation work into your life, you will discover an abundance of energy and mindfulness, which is vital for long-term wellbeing and improved mental health. We can choose to do anything, but not everything in life – that’s why it’s important to know your priorities and take time to breathe.


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